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Android KitKatAfter the success with Android OS version 4.4 KitKat, Android OS now released the latest version of the Android OS, Android version 5.0, named “Android Lollipop” or “Android Moonshine”, as to carry on the tradition of letters representing the sequence of future revisions. For Android version 5, presumably not just names or other features that are changed by Google, but also display standard on Android Lollipop OS. It looks at the images loaded by Phone Arena. In it, it seems interface of Android 5 “Lollipop” with a row of icons that look, including for the application Google Maps, Store, and Play YouTube. With the design of Android 5 that look more simple, flat, with colors that contrast more than the Android launcher icons on there now.

Android Lollipop advantages:
Android Lollipop advantages if compared with the previous version of Android looks quite striking. Because Google did a lot of significant changes when compared to the changes that occurred in previous times. Display interface and features are just a few of the many advantages of Android Lollipop.

Design or appearance between the face on the Android Lollipop looks much more attractive than Android KitKat. Not only that, the transition is also noticeably faster and lighter. When compared to the previous version of Android is already clearly much more increases, UI design changes and this is what may be called as the main advantage of Android Lollipop.

Notifications, which is an important feature in a smartphone, regardless of operating system used. Google also seems well aware of it, hence the latest Android operating system, given the notification option “Do Not Disturb” that allows users of smartphones and Android tablets while enjoying movies or music without being disturbed by notifications. And many more options and settings that can be adjusted according to user needs related notifications.

Battery saver features, If during this time the majority of users of smartphones and Android tablets still require Android app just to save battery life, this time the features provided by Android Lollipop is enough. Google even claims that the battery-saving features in Android 5.0 Lollipop already. This enhanced able to extend the battery life of 90 minutes longer than the previous version.

Sharing features / multiple account, the aim is that in a tablet can be used by others without disturbing the privacy of the owner or the term “multiple accounts” on an Android phone or Android tablet. This concept is now applied also on Android smartphone with Lollipop operating system. The owners could allow others to use his/her smartphone, without the worry of privacy disrupted due to limited through the “guest account”. In the “guest account” owners should determine what files and applications that can be accessed by others.

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