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Android-KitKat-LogoWhat is Android OS? News about Android KitKat or Android version 4.4. Android is the operating system that powers over 1 billion tablets PC and smartphones. As these devices create people so nice, each Android OS version is called after the dessert: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean. As everyone finds it hard to steer clear of chocolate we chose to name the next Android versions after one of our favorite chocolate treats, this is a Android KitKat.

The new phone app instantly prioritizes your contacts using the people you talk to the best. You can also look for nearby locations and organizations, the contacts, or individuals in your Google Apps domain. Once you have a call from a contact number not inside your contacts, the phone can look for matches from corporations with a local listing on Google Maps.

Excellent features in Android KitKat:
– Updates to the interface and navigation transparent status bar on the front screen.
– Optimization of performance on devices with lower specs
– Framework printing
– NFC Card Emulation Host as a smart card emulator
– Chromium-based WebViews
– Expanded functionality for notification listener service
– Sensor batching, Step Detector and Counter API
– Improved display full-screen mode, the software buttons and status bar can be accessed from the edge by means of swipe
– Balancing audio, audio monitoring, and improved audio sound
– Recorder integrated screen activity
– A common API for developing and managing client text messaging, the ability to determine the standard SMS app.
– The new framework for the transition UI
– Storage access framework to take content and documents from other sources
– Increasing the accessibility API
– Experimental new virtual machine, ART
– Support Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP)

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