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android-m-logoAndroid information about the emergence of the latest Android version that has the name Android M. In each version of the Android OS from its inception always has a characteristic in terms of the Android logo, and also the name of the version of Android that is identical to the name of the food or snacks. On May 2015 the parties of the maker of the Android operating system, namely Google, has given a glimpse of the latest version of Android after Android Lollipop, namely Android M. however, can not be known for sure when the time of launch and the official release Android M to the community, and also to name initials  Android M is also still raises a lot of guesswork. Android from scratch raised always use letters or alphabet sequence for the turn of the Android version of the old, into a new version of Android (Android version name order), such as; Cupcake, Donuts, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

As one of the best free OS (open source) are increasingly used and enjoyed by people in the world, then of course the emergence and presence of the latest Android OS, the version of Android-M highly anticipated, although for some countries (in developing countries) will be feel the Android-M features a few weeks or a few months later after the official release in the country of origin, ie in America. Some rumors to the name of the letter M stands behind Android M, among others; Android Marshmallow, Android milkshakes, Android Muffins, Android Macadamia, Android Mars, and Android Milkyway. If Google as the creator of Android OS is still consistent as before, which to a series of Android version names always alphabetical and always related to food, it’s short for Android M will of course be associated with a snack or meal, and will be visualized in the form of Android M logo.

As is the case since the emergence of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android ICS) is often found that the hardware specifications and Android phone or tablet series while it does not support to be able to upgrade to the latest Android OS. And at KitKat version appeared, had not much longer the hardware specifications of the phone and Android tablet difficulty in upgrading from previous versions of the OS, but the difficulty there is in all the applications that are installed or installed on previous versions of Android also must manually upgrade or upgrade Android apps one by one. The emergence of the latest version of Android that is Android-M, of course, will bring many more advanced features, lighter / faster performance, and power-saving, as well as more powerful for the user compared to the performance of the previous version of Android, the Android Lollipop. So a few of the latest Android version information about the name or abbreviation of the Android M; and Android M logo picture, may be useful.

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