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android-marshmallow-logoAndroid operating system as one of the greatest and free for tablet PCs and smartphones, in mid-2015 released the latest version of Android that has previously been suspected and known as Android M, which is the name of Marshmallow (Android version 6.0). Android from the beginning of its appearance continues to grow and is accepted at all levels of society and always presents a unique name in every version of Android released. The unique name of an Android version is also always sort alphabetically, up to the latest version in 2015, which is Android 6.0 with alphabet “M” (Marshmallow).

In each of the latest version, not only the name of the series of Android are changing, but also on Android Marshmallow logo, and are certainly more important is the presence of new features and a mainstay of Android Marshmallow.

Here is some features of Android Marshmallow :

1. Permission (License Application)
With Permission App features, we can adjust the access permissions for each application was installed, for example; when we do not want to use the camera on a chat application, then we can adjust so that the chat application not access the camera.

2. Doze (Power Saving)
Features that work on every phone / tablet stand for a long time, it automatically will bring smartphone features into power saving mode, so that the smartphone can be more efficient in the use of battery power.

3. Track Memory (Memory Search)
Marshmallow Android features to see how big the memory usage of each application. So it would be easier for my friend for monitoring the memory requirements of each application.

4. Auto Backup
Android Marshmallow features to backup any existing application that would permit rights to Google Drive. Android back up feature will automatically perform backups of applications for files under 25 MB.

5. Fingerprint
Fingerprint features from Android Marshmallow, which also allows us to log in to the Google Play Store with fingerprints.

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