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autosms-appAndroid tips about Android applications that can be used to answer SMS automatically (auto-reply SMS)  How to or tips that Android phones can send SMS automatically when there are missed calls coming into our cell phones. If we are busy or is receiving a call, the call via telephone that we could not answer, so we can not respond. Phone calls that we could not respond, of course, would be detrimental if the call it contains important information and abrupt. So this does not happen again, then there is a simple trick that Android phones can reply SMS automatically when there is a missed call or there are new incoming SMS (autoresponder). Of course, to do this we need the help of third-party Android app that must be downloaded and installed on your phone or Android tablet.

Auto SMS application that can be used is the Auto SMS Lite (Auto-responder) Thein Min Naing artificial of which can be downloaded for free via Google Play Store. Auto SMS Lite application will respond to all incoming calls that are not answered and a new message comes in your phone number. The message will reply it can be adjusted with a sentence that can be set. In addition, Auto SMS Lite can also send SMS automatically by the time we schedule. You can download for free Auto SMS Lite APK on

Tips how to configure Auto SMS Lite app, is:

– download and install Auto SMS LIte app
– the first time the application is run, you will see some menu. To activate Auto Reply you can select “auto-reply” .menu
– if you have enabled auto-reply, then there will be a new profile that can be customized. To perform settings such as changing the SMS text that will be delivered, please click on the profile.
– so will enter the configuration menu. Please adjust to suit your needs. Such as regulating the content of SMS text, specify the time, and others.
– if all you have set, then please minimize Auto SMS Lite app (do not exit)
– now you can rest easy, even if you do not have time to answer an incoming call or SMS reply manually, but the phone will be ready at any time to answer automatically, with this one of best auto SMS reply application.

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