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aviate beta
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aviate betaAviate Beta is one of best Android Apps. Aviate is in invite-only beta to make sure an excellent experience for the current users. You are able to request an invite from your app, and we are working as fast as possible to get all of you to utilize Aviate soon.

Thanks for your patience. Aviate automatically categorizes all your apps, and intelligently rearranges your home-screen throughout the day to dynamically provide the apps and information you’ll need most, at precisely the moment you need it.

★ Navigation simplified — transforms your phone into three, easy-to-navigate screens
★ Clean design — streamlines your phone to make it feel faster and more efficient than ever
★ Personalization — auto-adapts your home-screen to your lifestyle, current context, and interests
★ Collections — auto-categorize your apps so you don’t have to

Based on a complex understanding of your context and preferences, Aviate works to deliver you only the best apps and information, when you need them most. Aviate is intelligent, and can learn how to best organize your apps.
This version of Aviate is only available in a private Beta — which means you get it first, but some things may not be perfect yet. So with that in mind, if you have thoughts or feedback we’d love to hear from you! Tweet at us or send us an email if you have questions, concerns, recommendations, happen to find a bug (yikes!), or just want to say “Hi”.




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