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Asphalt-8-CoverAndroid is a most popular operating system for mobile, phablet, and also for tablet PC, so do not be surprised if every day will be growing applications and also includes free games, which can be downloaded at the Google Play store. In addition to apps, Android games is a favorite for the Android user, whether the user beginners and professionals. Android has been equipped with thousands of interesting and exciting games, both Android games for free or premium, which can be played offline on gadget, as well as Android gaming online. One of the genre’s most desirable Android games are racing games, such as car racing, motorcycle racing, drag race, and so on. Car racing games available in Google Play Store have specifications, features, quality, and different license. In each month, there is always a Android game reviews by several parties, to determine the best Android games, Android games bestsellers, and favorite or popular Android games are downloaded by the user.

Various developers / manufacturers of games, especially racing game specialists are racing to put out their latest game titles, as a means to compete to be the best. The development features and specifications of Android games include; quality graphics (image sharpness), the features of the user interface / ease of use, game play, level of difficulty, as well as various other assessments. Of the features and specifications of Android games such, it will be found as the best game category, most popular Android games and the best-selling Android game according to the time period in each year. Here is a list of the best Android car racing game, and the most popular Android car racing.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne is a car racing the most exciting and interesting. there is a feature career, opening a new subordinate, upgrades and online multi player. This racing game features is a very complete and equipped with the best graphics quality and exceptional soundtrack makes your adrenaline into play. Placing it as the best car racing game for your Android tablet.

2. Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 is a Android car racing game, created by the Electronic Arts team which is a company specialized in the various console games. Technically, this is the best racing game that matches real-world tactics in Google play store. Has a stunning Graphics with superior quality and smooth motion.

3. GT Racing Motor Academy
The game is developed and launched by the popular game developer, Gameloft. You will get a racing simulation experience interesting and close to reality as you play GT Racing Motor Academy Free +. You are challenged Pass driving tests and win races to unlock more cars and levels. If you want to unlock everything, sharp graphics and smooth motion racing games, make it one of the most popular racing games and free Android games.

4. Raging Thunder
Raging Thunder racing game is one of the most interesting and fun to play. Raging thunder offer you to play with multiple players online. The game features nice 3D graphics and visual effects of the game are superb. Raging Thunder is an alternative of Android racing 3D game for those who want to download a fun of car racing game.

5. CSR Racing
CSR Racing is a car racing game drag. Players do not have to worry about steering – you need to do is set the gearshift and the use of time as possible. Indicator tells when to make the next change, you have to cross the finish line before your opponent. There are various features one upgrade various components and parts of your car. This game is a simulation of car drag racing which as the best Android car game and most popular Android game.

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