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zombie-assault-snipperThe most gamers are very fond of the category arcade games, such as war games, shooter games, and sniper. War games will raise adrenaline for gamers, both for playing on PCs, tablets, and other gadgets, which is to follow every challenge that is always exciting at every level war games are played. One of the most popular arcade games is shooter or sniper games. Sniper games played by each of gunfire between the players with an enemy that would require high carefulness, patience, and accuracy so that the enemy can shoot right on target. For those of you who want to feel the sensation of playing a shooter Android game exciting and challenging, you can choose several types of Android shooter games (Android 3D games or HD game), on the list of best Android shooter games, which you can download and play on Android tablets.

1. Zombie Assault : Sniper
A zombie virus has spread throughout the city, many people have turned into zombies that will kill every living creature that is encountered. Mission in Sniper Zombie Assault game is to save the citizens from the threat of zombies with weapons available. This Android shooter game has excellent graphics with a blend of action and adventure games against zombies that tense, many levels of difficulty that you must walk at every level in this Android horror shooter game.

2. Sniper Shoot War 3D
In this 3D shooter Android game, we were assigned to be a sniper (good sniper) to kill all the terrorists and destroy their base. This best Android shooter game is very easy to run by simply sliding the tablet screen to control any movement or shot. We can also use the zoom lens when shooting enemies / terrorists. On this best Android shooter game, there are plenty of weapons to choose from like: Deagle, AW50, AS50, Bomb, M4A1, AWP, and Medical Kit. The more we can kill the enemy, so the more gold coins that we will get, gold coins can be used to buy weapons, ammunition, and bomb.

3. Contract Killer
One of the best sniper game for Android in 2015, is a Contract Killer. This Android shooter game is played in accordance with the contract that has been agreed in advance. That is, that at every level we make an agreement at any location between the player and the enemy is there in the game, so we have to honor the agreement or contract that we created earlier. This shooter game includes 250 missions that must be completed. In this Contract Killer game, we can upgrade weapons such as assault rifles, heavy weapons, rocket launchers, grenades, and many other weapons. This best sniper Android game can be downloaded for free and played freely in Android device.

4. Modern Sniper
In this free and best Android shooter game, there are exciting missions that involve you as player vs villain on the loose. By being a sniper, you are challenged to shoot on target quickly and completing each mission by conquering the enemy. This free Android sniper game is made with the best 3D graphics that make us also feel the same tension as the actual shooting. Rifle used was very real as sniper and assault rifles.

5. Assassin 3D Sniper
The Assassin 3D Sniper is a very exciting free Android game with a 3D display that makes this game to be one of the best sniper game. 3D features used make the game lovers can feel the atmosphere of real war. This free Android shooter game is made simple with 3D graphics design, so making it easier for gamers to play. Simply by tilting the Android tablet and shoot the enemy as much as possible with the right target. In this best & free Android 3D game, there are several intriguing missions in each level that will make us addicted to immediately finish. This one of best Android shooter games is free, and can be downloaded at Play Store.

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