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android-cleaner-appsOn the Android OS the cache becomes an important part of the work to improve access to rapid data contained in the applications installed on the mobile phone / Android tablet, such as a web browser, games, and more. The application will use the cache to store data temporarily, then when the application used to access the data, automatically they will use both produce and then store it in the cache memory of the phone. Over time, the cache files generated by applications (Android Apps) will accumulate. causing the application process in the read cache file takes a long time. It will result in the performance of Android device becomes very slow (lag). To overcome the problem of lag on the Android phone, then that should be done is to clear all caches that accumulate on the phone / Android tablet with Android Cleaner Apps. How to clear the cache on Android device in order to recover its performance? Right now circulating lots of cleaning application cache that can be used to clean the Android phones of junk files that accumulate on your phone.

Now so many Android cleaner apps made and designed for the Android phone user, both premium cleaner apps, as well as free Android cleaner apps. Cleaner of the many applications for Android that, for most users even make confused due to try to choose which one is right and which one is a best cleaner apps for Android. If you are one of the users are still confused as to install cleaner application on an Android phone, then the following is a list of best Android cleaner apps that you can select and use.

1. Cache Cleaner App
Cache Cleaner App is a good Android cleaner application that allows users to remove junk files on your Android phone. In addition, you can also delete the cache of all applications simultaneously or can also choose the specific application you want. Cache Cleaner App emerged with a very simple interface so it looks less good, but has excellent performance in cleaning junk files on your Android tablet/phone.

2. AVG Memory Cache Cleaner
AVG Memory Cache Cleaner is a very popular application cleaner and free to be used as a means of dumping junk files on your Android phone. This application is a famous company product of antivirus AVG. By using this AVG Cleaner app lets users quickly to clear the cache and memory on Android gadgets. This application is very simple and easy for us to run, you can easily delete the call history and text files, browsing history, media player, and cache.

3. CCleaner
Piriform CCleaner is an excellent Android app to help us clean up garbage in the Android system. CCleaner acts as a versatile tool that can clean cache application, folder history, browser history, and temporary files on the Android system. Optionally you can also clean up files and log calls, SMS in bulk or selective. In addition to fast to clean up junk files, CCleaner for Android also comes with the application manager, temperature gauge, CPU RAM meter, and battery, as well as a free Android cleaner app, and the best cleaner app..

4. DU Speed Booster
DU Speed Booster is one of the Android application performance comparable with cleaner applications mentioned above, on which the application is also equipped with a trash cleaner, cleaning junk files, antivirus, accelerators, application manager, and also a tool to test internet speed in one touch. DU Speed Booster for Android is a great application to cleaning our internal storage space that also comes with the application manager and other tools that are very useful to keep Android’s performance remained stable.

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