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android-media-playerIncreasingly growing number of Android users, such as to access Android apps, Android games played, and use gadgets based on Android OS. The increasing number of Android user that makes the more Android programmer, Android developer, Android game makers, who continue to create Android applications and games to provide an answer to the Android user. Many Android game genre has been created, many Android apps have been created, the Android has generated a lot of tools, from free Android app to a paid app. Of a row of Android applications available today, divided into many categories, such as; office applications, multimedia applications, image editing applications, photo applications, internet applications, image application, applications folder, zip application, a file manager, antivirus, and so on. Of all the types of Android applications and Android games that exist, in every month, 6 months, and in one year, there is always ranked as the best receiving applications, either as the best Android games, as well as the best Android applications.

Here are some best free multimedia for Android 2014 (Android media player) :
1. GPLayer
GPlayer file size is 19 MB, is the best free Android video player even anyone don’t want the floating popup functions. Easy to use and user interface; View your media in grid, list, and 3D Gallery mode, play in the video with easy gesture to modify. You may also use the widgets to play the video from your launcher. GPlayer  can play most types of the video files with software decoder with subtitle files, like the rmvb, wmv, flv, mp4, 3gp, etc. Additionally, it support to play the YouTube (HTML5) and  URL with minimize video screen feature.
2. MX Player
MX PLayer file size is 6,8 MB, is powerful and excellent video player can handle for multi gestures including pinch and unpinch to zoom in as well as out videos to match your screen, left scroll to modify brightness and right scroll to modify volume, multi-core decoding, CPU optimization and much better subtitle readability.

3. MoboPlayer
MoboPlayer file size is 5,7 MB, is playback videos in a variety of formats with functions including thumbnail displays, subtitles, slide up/down around the left/right side to modify brightness and volume, long press a file to increase playlist, view properties and also more.

4. QQPlayer
QQPlayer file size is 6,7 MB, is a video player supports for many popular formats including mp4, 3gp, avi, flv, mkv, mov and a lot more, with added features like on-screen volume adjuster and also a zoom button.

5. mVideoPlayer
mVideoPlayer file size is only 1,4 MB, offers 3 modes of video zoom, supports for subtitle, playlist and also a video collection browser with thumbnails, search, video info,  along with other optional tweaks. A great replacing Android’s built-in video player.

6. RealPlayer
RealPlayer file size is 2.6 MB, enjoy the best multimedia contents all-in-one app-either watch videos, hear music or watch a slideshow of photoes. Functions contain select music by artists, albums, genres or even ratings, photo thumbnail previews and other settings.

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