Common Battery Protection Recommendations and Reference Tutorial

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one. Will not Mix Batteries. To stop tools harm, and doable injury, under no circumstances mix batteries with various chemistries or voltages in the tools at the same time.

two. Preserve batteries in unique packaging right until completely ready to use. This can help to establish harm, these kinds of as inflammation and leakage of LiSO2 batteries.

three. Do not use incompatible batteries and chargers.

4. You must buy maker or provider encouraged solutions and accessories where ever doable. If unsure about whether a alternative battery or charger is appropriate, get in touch with the maker of the battery or charger.

5. Do not accumulate utilised batteries, dispose of on a regular basis.

six. Do not crush, puncture or put a significant degree of strain on the battery as this can induce an interior quick-circuit, ensuing in overheating.

7. Do not get your battery damp. Even nevertheless they will dry and surface to work normally, the circuitry could slowly but surely corrode and pose a security hazard.

eight. You must thoroughly dispose of your aged batteries and tools.

nine. Adhere to battery usage, storage and charging tips located in the user’s guideline.

10. Take away batteries from tools for long expression storage to stop harm from battery leakage.

eleven. Will not drive batteries into tools. The batteries can be tricky or harmful to clear away, resulting in personalized injury and/or harming tools and battery.

twelve. Will not mix new and aged batteries in tools to stop charging of aged batteries by new batteries. This could drive the aged batteries into voltage reversal and a violent venting.
Will not quick circuit (steel tools).

thirteen. By no means endeavor to charge principal batteries. Even very tiny charging currents can induce batteries to explode violently.

fourteen. Will not above discharge batteries. Take away them when they no longer electricity the tools.

fifteen. Raise the lifestyle span of your battery by pursuing the manufacturer’s instructions for using the battery.

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