Extending iPod Battery Life

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There is very little as troublesome as remaining on a pleasant run or a long flight and obtaining your iPod battery die…lifeless…buh bye….it has transpired to us all and it CAN BE prevented. iPod Battery life can be as fragile-and finish as unexpectedly-as actual life. If you really want to know how to lengthen your iPod battery life, I have a couple super quick tips to recall!

Here is how to enable your iPod battery live long and prosper.
You Will Have to have

* An iPod

* iTunes

Action one: Slide hold change

When listening to tunes, slide the hold change to On. This disables electrical power to your iPod’s controls, preserving battery life.

Action two: Disable equalizer

Disable the equalizer. Go to “Options,” then “EQ,” and pick out “Off.” The equalizer optimizes sound quality, but it also drains your battery.

Action three: Convert off backlight

Convert off the backlight. Go to “Options,” “Backlight,” and pick “Off.”

Action 4: Build playlists

Build playlists in iTunes. That way you would not waste valuable battery electrical power manually picking out the tracks you like. You can generate a playlist on the fly ideal on your iPod. Pick a track title and hold down the heart button right until the title flashes-it truly is just been additional to your On-The-Go playlist.

Action five: Place iPod to snooze

Place your iPod to snooze when you might be not making use of it. Just hold the “Play” button right until the display screen turns off.

RANDOM Simple fact: The idea for the battery grew out of Count Luigi Galvani’s experiments on frog legs in the late 1700s.

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