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best-news-readerThe impact of information and communication technology advances, now everyone can enjoy news online and not have to rely on newspapers in a physical form. In fact, so popular online news sites, almost all online news website on the Internet has possessed smartphones app of their own, so that smartphone users can read the news more quickly and comfortably. RSS is really a dying breed, but you can still find several apps which use RSS, like Feedly and Press. Here we’re referring to some of the best apps to get news flash. Whether that be health, economy, technology, politics, sports, as well as local news. News reader applications is getting a lot of variety, features, and support for diverse platforms, such as the news reader application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. But, if you frequently open the news in more than one news blog online, then download one by one news update Android app is certainly inefficient and consuming enough RAM and storage in the phone. Fortunately, there are now news reader apps that allow us to gather news from various news sites into a free news reader application.

Here are best and free news reader app for Android:

1. Flipboard
Flipboard app is one of the biggest news reader applications worldwide. With this free Android app, we can determine for themselves the news of which sites you want to access quickly. Indeed, not all the news outlets can be found at Flipboard. But instead, we can quickly access the Twitter account and / or the news site’s RSS feed reader application through the Android. After determining what news sources to be accessed quickly, we live to enjoy collection of news sources are selected with an attractive appearance and without the need to exit the application altogether. Thus, in addition to access to the news you want quickly, we can also read news comfortably.
2. Feedly
Feedly app has functions and ways of working more or less the same as Flipboard. Only, in Feedly, during the news sites exist, then we can incorporate it into the list of news sources you want to access quickly. In addition, the use and management in applications Feedly arguably more modest when compared to Flipboard. Unfortunately, in Feedly, if you want to read an interesting news, we have to open the news of mobile browsers, so for some people this may slightly reduce the comfort of having to bother to commute from Feedly apps to the browser. However, this free news reader app remains one of best Android apps.
3. Linkedin Pulse
Pulse was lately acquired by LinkedIn, and thus far the one points that have changed is the name and also the integration into LinkedIn. Along with LinkedIn Pulse, we can keep up to date with our favorite blog, even Android Headlines. Pulse is the customized news digest. It’s a person destination to get a daily news, run by the professional world. It’s a wild world around. Pulse smashes with the noise with timely and customized news you must know, assisting you time. Observe what your network as well as peers are studying, receive top news inside your industry, and be notified once your connections result in the news. Watch how Pulse gets smarter, gaining knowledge from every topic, person, and company you follow – to take you personalized advice. It takes only just minutes every day to get on top of things on what you need to know. Now you’ll always have something sharp to discuss, daily. Pulse delivers news customized simply for you, wherever you go, plus more:
4. gReader
This one’s merely a simple RSS reader app, however it gives you material design, so that it does look excellent. No real special features though. It will however, use Feedly Cloud which lets you keep the position on the internet and also on our smartphone.

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