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Many software over language or a language translator application that can be encountered at this time, either free translator app or as a premium translator, although the quality of the translation results that are still outstanding and less accurate. Most of the interpreter app was initially devoted to the computer device to be operated, but along with smartphone trends, the growing number of applications made to adjust translator with mobile platform such as Android translator app, iOS, and Blackberry. Moreover, almost all translator applications always require a translation of an internet connection in their use or for the execution of applications on mobile phones.

Additionally, during this time translation applications always require an internet connection in their use or for the execution of applications on mobile phones. But it will not happen again, because at the end of July 2015 Google has made a translator app as a free translator applications (and as a complete language dictionaries) in the smartphone, both for Android and iOS. Google Translator that had we usually encounter and use via laptops online through the site, this time also made in a version of the free app on Android. Free translator app from Google’s, is the pioneer of a translator application for smartphones that ever existed, which Google Translator app provides many advantages and features of a good application.

Excellent features and advantages of Google Translator app :

– The high accuracy of the translation result
– Translation support for many languages ​​of the world (about 27 languages)
– As a free Android app specifically for the dictionary, and the best translator app
– Can translate an image, code, or symbol to the word
– Can be used in offline mode, or an application can be run without an internet connection

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