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android-video-editorInformation and reviews on free video editor  for Android, which can run on Android phones and Android tablets. Having gadgets based on Android OS, whether it be an Android phone or Android tablet has increased over time, this is due to the diverse brands, types, and tend inaccessibility cheap price Android gadget in the market. In addition, due to the more and more sophisticated software or Android apps offered on the Android Google Playstore, many of which can be downloaded for free, and also increased the variation of the Android game genres are created and developed by the Android game developers. One of the important factors that also lead to increasing users of Android phones and tablets in the world market is the increasing number of free Wifi Hotspot area that can be found in many places, and also cheap internet package offered by many cellular operators, including for cheap unlimited internet package .

One of the things that is often done by the owners of Android tablets and Android phones is access to multimedia applications, such as selfie photo, video chat, watch streaming TV online, view YouTube videos, download online videos, watch HD movies on the tablet, as well as video recording. For those who are creative and those of us who want to know how to edit video on an Android tablet, of course with Android is that there is now very possible to make videos and also do video editing using Android tablets. Video editing applications / free video editor for Android, and became one of the best currently is Androvid Video Editor. Tool or Android video cutter app called Androvid Video Editor consists of 2 versions, namely as free video editor application, and premium Android video editor or Pro version. Of the 2 versions, we can use the free Androvid Video Editor with enough features and tolerable for use in editing or also convert video collection uses Android tablet.

Free Androvid Video Editor features :

– Apk file size is 12 MB
– Developer:
– App version: 2.4.7
– Support Android OS 2.3 or more
– Video editing support for almost all types of video files, flash, and DVD
– Share / share videos online
– Split one video file into many parts (split video)
– Cut or trim video into many clips easily and quickly
– Add text and effects to the video with many color choices
– Create a slideshow easily
– Merge multiple movie clips into a video (merge video)
– As a video converter, which convert / change the video into another video format (for example, convert MP4 to 3GP, convert FLV into MP4 change, and so on)
– Convert / change the video into MP3
– Adjust the audio volume on the video and also insert music to video
– Make a video clip as wallpaper in tablet or Android phone
– Remove part or a video frame
– And many other features, which the free version will of course be limited to the duration of the video editing and video conversion
– The download link address of the best video editor for Android, Androvid Video Editor at :

Thus the information about free video editor for Android, and the address of download link Androvid Video Editor, may be useful.

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