How to Backup Recent Options Right before Upgrading Android Homescreen

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You ought to be ROOTED, in purchase for you to backup all settings rapidly and conveniently for a full restore to a various build. This is valuable when operating Android on a Home windows Cellular gadget this sort of as the HD2, you can conveniently change to various builds that appear out weekly. Hold in brain, this strategy only for any Android gadget. It can back again up anything, house screen, widget to messaging, in addition your Databases.


A. Obtain Titanium Backup” from the Android Sector
B. Very first time you open up the program, tick the “Problems?” button. it will obtain the most current variation of Busybox, extra command line utilities applied to backup knowledge.
C. Strike “Backup/Restore”
D. Tap the “Menu” button or tough button
E. Pick “Batch”
F. Tap “Run” following to “Backup all consumer apps + method knowledge”
G. Leave anything chosen on this screen. We will selectively opt for what to restore in our new build. Acquiring anything backed up implies you will never skip something.
H. Make certain “Get rid of lively apps” is chosen
I. Tap “Run the batch procedure”
J. Idea: Even though this is operating, faucet the screen every now and once again to ensure your cellular phone isn’t going to time out. just to be safe for any car-killers that may perhaps be operating
K. Restart your cellular phone

Restore: immediately after shifting builds: Try to remember: If youre operating in a WM gadget,obtain to start with the APK for Titanium Backup and put it in your Android Applications folder for simple entry on your to start with boot.

A. Skip as considerably of your new Android Setup screens as achievable. No will need to waste time listed here when it will be restored with Titanium.
B. Go into settings and set up your Google Account.
B1. Just after positioning the account, set it to NOT sync.
B2. Be certain to do this Right before moving into the Sector, or the syncing will transpire instantly. The reason for performing this is to prevent overwriting it all with Titanium knowledge
C. Future Go into “Options -=> Applications” and look at “Unfamiliar Resources”
D. Re-obtain Titanium Backup (until you had the APK in your Android Applications folder) and strike the “Problems?” button to set up in your new build.
E Tap “Backup/Restore”
F. Press the “Menu” button (tough button)
G. Pick “Batch”
H. Press “Run” following to “Restore lacking apps + all method knowledge”
J. If you are restoring the specific exact Establish:
j1. Click “Pick All”
j2. Pick “Application+Details”
K. If you are restoring a various Establish or upgrading to a new variation of a Establish:
k1. Click “Deselect All”
k2. Pick “Application+Details”
k3. Pick all Eco-friendly products (These are your settings)
k4. Pick all Crossed out products (These are the apps not provided in your build)
k5. Pick any other products you know are the exact within your build, and that you want to restore settings for
L. Press “Run the batch procedure”
M. For just about every application that the set up prompt arrives up for, strike “Install” and then “Completed.”
N. Restart your android cellular phone
O. On following boot, if you get “Trouble Loading Gadget” on some widgets, you will have to take out them from the house screen and re-set up them manually.

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