How to Conserve Battery Life on Your Google Nexus 1

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The Google Nexus 1 is a single of the most popular Android phones out right now. It has tons of amazing functions and some excellent effects. The issue is that all of these distinctive apps and system can seriously drain the battery. Relying how significantly you use your Nexus 1 you might only get a couple of hours of the battery. You can use these tips to aid save your battery existence and get much more use out of your Nexus 1.

I am heading to explain some of the finest methods that you can use to aid keep your cellular phone being billed longer than ever. 1 of the most crucial points you can do is to be much more “battery mindful”.If you happen to be battery is having reduced and you know that you won’t be equipped to charge it anytime quickly you will want to start closing out of some apps and turning down your backlight. Consider not to make any phone calls when your battery is setting up to die. If you have to make a simply call, make it as limited as doable.

If you want to be even much more geared up you can acquire one more battery for your cellular phone and keep that with you as a spare. Just be guaranteed to have it billed in advance of you go any place, you’d have to have your spare battery useless also!

You should really usually use these abide by tips to get the most out of your cellular phone battery:

  • Really don’t permit your apps run that are not getting used. Down load TasKiller from the Android Market and get rid of your apps every single so normally.
  • Be guaranteed to keep the exhibit/backlight on a decrease environment, you will not need to have it overly vibrant and it truly is only killing the battery.
  • Consider not to use your cellular phone significantly if it truly is scorching. Batteries are significantly much more efficient when than are awesome in contrast to when they are scorching.
  • If you are reduced on battery try out not to use your camera. The camera can drain your battery really quick!
  • Install the energy control widget which conveniently lets you turn providers on and off. To save much more battery turn of the GPS and Bluetooth when they are not getting used.

All of these tips can drastically maximize the battery existence on your Nexus 1. They will also make you much more battery-conscious when you use your cellular phone. Normally try to remember, if your battery is reduced, be very careful how you are applying your cellular phone!

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