How to Save Battery Life on the HTC EVO

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Like countless numbers, I ran out opening weekend and grabbed up a Dash HTC EVO. The EVO is without a doubt the coolest smartphone I have at any time owned. But the largest grievance struggling with the EVO is battery life. Properly the fantastic news is that I have discovered a number of tricks and tips to increase the battery life above fifty% and I am right here to share them with you.

The quantity a person grievance I normally study about elite gadget phones or smartphones is their battery life. The battery difficulty isn not only relegated to the HTC EVO. I avoided the Iphone and iPods for a several yrs because of their problems when it arrived to battery life. Luckily for you EVO homeowners, it does not normally have to be that way.

Now if you still left your HTC EVO set up the way it is when you open up up the box, you will be unhappy with the phone’s battery life. If you still left your cellular phone on with the 4G community enabled, the battery life of your EVO would not make it by way of the day. I uncovered that the tough way. So that claimed, right here are a several easy ways you can consider to increase your EVO’s battery life above fifty%.

Tip #1 – Obtain the Highly developed Process Killer application from the application retail outlet. If I was likely to rank the must-have applications for the EVO, this would be quantity a person. Go to the current market icon on your cellular phone, sort in “Highly developed Process Killer” and down load it. It is absolutely free. After you have downloaded it, put it on your dwelling display. Click it and you will see a listing of every application and process that is functioning on your EVO. The initially time I did it, I was shocked and you will be too. Some of these applications on your EVO will turn on mechanically with no rhyme or explanation. Except if you see the applications functioning, you would have no notion. These applications are bleeding the battery life of your cellular phone dry! Just look at every application you want to destroy and then tap “Kill picked applications.” I look at them all. I will turn them on if and when I want them. This child will conserve you large time on your battery life and it is absolutely free.

Tip #two – Obtain the Battery Position Pro application from the application retail outlet. If I was likely to rank the must-have EVO applications, this would be quantity two. This is a phenomenal application and it is one hundred% absolutely free. After all over again, go to the current market position icon on your cellular phone, sort in “Battery Position Pro” and down load it. There is a compensated and absolutely free version. You only want the absolutely free version. Set this on your dwelling display at the time you down load it. Faucet it and you will see a full breakdown of the battery life still left on your cellular phone. You get down to the next time still left on your battery in a variety of modes from Standby Time, Talktime, World-wide-web Use (with or without Wi-Fi), etc. This application will permit you know precisely how a lot time you have for regardless of what you want to do. This is a great way to price range your battery life so you do not waste it on a thing you do not want.

Tip #3 – Modify the brightness of your dwelling display. Out of the box, your HTC EVO is brilliant as a summertime day’s sunlight. It appears great but you genuinely do not want all of that brightness, unless of course you are in a darkish position. Faucet your Menu button on the bottom of the EVO and go to Settings – Appears & Display screen – Brightness. There you can slide your bar all the way to the still left which will darken your cellular phone and conserve you a large amount of battery life. You would be astonished at the big difference in your EVO’s battery life at the time you make this easy adjustment.

Tip #4 – Convert off that 4G! Look, I am nevertheless not certain that 4G is the be-all and stop-all that Dash is earning it out to be. 4G is good and you spend for it, but it will suck your battery dry. You do not want it. 3G is just as fast and it will not approximately do the destruction to your battery life that 4G will do. I only use the 4G if I have my EVO plugged in someplace. To turn it off just tap your Menu button on the bottom of the cellular phone, go to Settings – Wireless & Networks – 4G. Just tap the 4G button and view it disconnect. Your cellular phone will now be related to the community via 3G. While you are in Wireless & Networks, tap the button upcoming to Wi-Fi. This will disconnect your EVO from continually hunting for Wi-Fi networks which will also drain your battery. If you want to hook up to a Wi-Fi community, just tap it all over again to turn it back again on.

Tip #five – Adjust your e-mail options. End users can adjust the frequency to which the community searches for your e-mail. If you have your EVO hunting for your e-mail every five minutes, these searches every several minutes will assistance drain your battery. Go to Messages, tap the Menu button at the bottom-More- Settings-Send & Get-Set down load frequency. In this article you can adjust the community to look at for new mail every five-60 minutes. Depending on the account and how usually you want to see new e-mail, I would advise every thirty minutes. Now you can normally open up your messages in the meantime which will mechanically refresh and provide up any new mail. However, this little adjustment will assistance conserve really a bit of battery life during the day.

Tip #6 – Convert off your social networks. The EVO gives a ton of great…

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