How to saving battery on Android phone

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android-battery-tipsThe use of Android phone and Android tablet by the user is increasing every day. This is because it will support the brand and features a variety of increasingly sophisticated mobile phones, the development of applications and the Android operating system is also increasingly feature-rich and attractive in meeting the technology needs of communication, information, and entertainment. On the other hand the impact and consequences of indulgence and the need for applying Android devices, is a complaint about the use of a battery that is wasteful, frequently charge the battery, or feel the tablet battery is not durable, and the like. Complaints for mobile phone battery saving, or saving battery performance on Android tablet has been a concern for developers of hardware and Android OS developers, which for the Android OS is always clean and better yet in every new OS version is created.

For Android version 4.0 or KitKat have been prepared where embedded systems and applications will be more efficient battery than previous Android versions. Nonetheless, they are in need of policy and our ability to treat Android phones and tablets, to be really efficient battery in everyday use. How to saving battery on Android phone? Android battery saving tips (KitKat), can be done in various ways on KitKat setting:

1. Minimize the use of Google Now
One of the privileges KitKat Android operating system update is the availability of a private system features voice-based, Google Now. With just said ‘OK, Google!’, Android phones can receive and execute commands. But the consequence is that the battery will be much used.

2. GPS features
GPS features are necessary to support a variety of applications and services that are used on the device. Ranging from application mapping, navigation, to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and other utilize the GPS feature. Although its existence is vital, but the GPS became one of the main causes wasteful battery life. But in KitKat Android operating system, Google provides the power saving option on the GPS features.

3. Turn off the NFC
NFC is generally always in an active state, but in fact this feature was rarely used by many users. Then it is much better if NFC is only turned on when you want to use.

4. Battery Monitor
Android tips, if the battery is still wasteful, use power monitors on every Android system, which will display all the programs that are running along with the amount of power used. You will see the running applications, including WiFi. If you see a large power-consuming applications, to turn it off simply select it and press the “force stop”.

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