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Here are some iPod  tips   and   tricks  to get the max from your music player. There are many functions in your iPod which you may not be aware of, like using iPod as hard disk, watch or timer.  And  what to do if your iPod is not responding at all, well here are few iPod  tips  for you.

Use your iPod as hard disk

Did you know that you can store regular text files, adobe files, videos etc in your iPod. To do that connect your iPod to computer and preferences page will show up and check the box against “enable disk use”. Your iPod will show up on your computer and you can easily move files between the two.

Using your iPod as watch

Press and hold the menu button, click extras, scroll to clocks and click on it. It will show analog clock with time and date. If you want your iPod to display current time while playing a song then start with main menu, click settings, scroll down and click on date & time and then click on “time in title”. You are done.

How to find about memory left on your iPod?

It is quite simple actually, from main menu scroll down and click on settings, then click on “about” to see the memory bar. Average mp3 takes about 4MB.

What to do if your iPod is frozen?

Your iPod may freeze sometimes,  and  then you have to reset it. Slide the hold button ( on the top or bottom of nano) to lock position, you will see orange color, slide it back to unlock position. Now hold down center select button  and  menu together until apple logo appears on the screen. Now release the buttons. It will respond now.

Learn more iPod  tips   and   tricks   and  troubleshooting.

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