LG VX8300 – Suggestions and Tips

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The VX sequence of LG telephones have recognized a status for being very higher on multimedia and very attractive in appears and the VX8300 is no different amalgamating a host of excellent multimedia features like mega pixel cameras, excellent MP3 traits and of system camcorder abilities.

On the connectivity front, the cellular phone comes with EV-DO higher velocity net abilities which will make it just one of the fantastic telephones for net on the move. The general structure of the cellular phone is on the conservative facet and will make folks who are not at ease with a notable antenna in their mobile cellular phone structure, remain absent from the cellular phone. Some speedy-to-access buttons on the facet of the cellular phone which can be operated even with the flip shut, is a very noteworthy characteristic which will come across favor with quite a few customers.

The 1.3 mega pixel digital camera clicks good photographs but the video clip recording was quite grainy and discovered wanting in quite a few features including display resolution. A cellular phone whose structure will capture you eye and features will impress you but may possibly make you imagine genuine challenging ahead of you determine to obtain this cellular phone.

What are the “speedy access” features of the LGVX8300?

The features of the cellular phone that can be conveniently accessed utilizing fewer quantities of keys are identified as “speedy access” features. In an LGVX8300, the adhering to features are available for “speedy access”.

o To set the cellular phone to vibrate – From the typical ringer mode, if you want to shift to the vibrate mode, push the * critical and hold it for a few seconds. To revert to ringer mode, repeat the exact.

o To lock your cellular phone – To lock your cellular phone in an prompt to make it inaccessible for unauthorized entry, push and hold the # critical for a few seconds. To unlock, find the delicate critical on the proper and enter the password. The default password to lock your cellular phone is the ultimate 4 digits of your cellular amount.

o To activate the mute perform – The mute perform stops the caller from listening to your voice throughout a call. To activate it, push the delicate critical on the left. To deactivate it, push the exact critical once more.

o To alter volume of cellular phone – Rapid adjustments to volumes of earpiece and ringer can be designed by urgent the keys on the left facet of the cellular phone. The facet critical on major maximize the ringer volume and the base facet critical decreases the ringer volume. The volume of the earpiece can be increased or diminished only when a call is in progress and to alter the volume of the critical tone, you have to necessarily access the menu and not the facet keys. To flip off all sounds concurrently, find and hold the reduced facet critical for 3 seconds with the flip open. Revert to ordinary mode by executing the exact with the upper facet critical.

o To switch amongst calls – This is a company company-dependent perform. So, if call waiting around is activated, a beep is read throughout just one call which indicates a different incoming call and this call be been given by urgent the left “Ship” critical when keeping the previously call. Immediately after attending to the second call, executing the exact once more will revert you to the former call.

How to set the exhibit options on the LGVX8300 cellular phone?

The exhibit options help you to modify the exhibit features of the display of the cellular phone like banner, wallpaper, fonts, themes, clock structure and backlight.

All the previously mentioned features can be accessed by way of a sub-menu underneath Show Options as a part of the Options AND Resources icon in the key menu.


Underneath the Show Options sub-menu, enter the BANNER menu and find the alternative Principal / Entrance BANNER and enter your very own textual content in the room supplied and as soon as finished, push Okay.


The ERI BANNER will be demonstrated if you are utilizing the ERI company. Use the up and down navigation buttons to scroll by way of the options and find Okay to pick just one.


This alternative allows you have a qualifications of your decision on the exhibit display of the cellular phone. There are a ton of colourful and enjoyable options including animations. To set WALLPAPER, from the WALLPAPER sub-menu, find Principal / Entrance WALLPAPER and then you can search by way of the several pictures in MY PIX or MY FLIX or FUND ANIMATIONS.


This alternative makes it possible for you to pick amongst fonts that are Typical or as some folks would like it, Substantial.


This environment makes it possible for you to pick the shade plan of the exhibit display of the cellular phone. Some of the options of exhibit themes available in the cellular phone are: DEFAULT / PULSE / TROPICAL / SILVER SPIN / BLUE

CLOCK Format

This options allows you pick the variety of clock to be exhibited on the display. There are two clocks for the display – the Principal CLOCK – which will have options of Typical or ANALOG or Electronic or Twin or OFF. For the Entrance CLOCK, you can pick amongst Electronic or Reduce or OFF. All options can be set by way of the sub-menu CLOCK Format.


This alternative allows you pick the quantity of time the backlight stays illuminated. The options require to be set individually for the keypad, front display and the key display. For each individual of the options, enter the BACKLIGHT sub-menu and enter the Show / KEYPAD alternative. You can…

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