Maintenance Workshop: Guidelines for Finest Efficiency

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Android telephones are rising in acceptance and often Ford Sync end users should really use a routine maintenance workshop for the finest efficiency.

Occasionally Android telephones just aren’t “paired” effectively from the starting. This could distort the Bluetooth relationship around time and this could result in very poor efficiency. Just like a home or business computer, a Sync proprietor desires to sometime to “routine maintenance” to maintain their Sync system operating properly.

If your Sync system does not function perfectly, then you might want to do a “Re-Pair” method (also referred to as “Clean Pairing.”). This is a multi-stage procedure for clearing out your former Bluetooth relationship and reestablishing a refreshing relationship.

In this article is multi-stage procedure for on-likely routine maintenance of your Sync palms-absolutely free system.

one. Get started the “Re-Pair” Method by deleting product(s) from your cellphone:

Go to your cellphone Configurations and turn Bluetooth On

Less than Bluetooth configurations, decide on Discoverable, and search for “Reliable Units”

If you see an icon or tab that states “Sync,” then tap the circle icon or the equipment icon to the suitable and then tap “fail to remember Product” or “Unpair Product.”

Now, wholly electric power down your cellphone for quite a few minutes.

2. Proceed the “Re-Pair” Method by deleting product(s) from your Sync Method:

Force the “Cellular phone Icon” on your steering wheel, on a centre console button (if outfitted), drive the “Cellular phone” button on the MyFord system, or tap the higher still left corner of the MyFord Contact system.

This provides up the “Cellular phone Menu” on your Sync show console.

Use the Tuning Knob (if outfitted) or the Up/Down arrows to transfer through the Subjects.

Go to Method Configurations, then drive Ok (on the steering wheel or on the console).

Now scroll through the menu to obtain Bluetooth Units, drive Ok

Go through menu to find Delete Units, drive Ok

Obtain your phone’s title (or model quantity), drive Ok

The system will say “Ensure Delete,” drive Ok.

Go to the menu, find “Return,” drive Ok.

Now find “Include Bluetooth Product” from menu and drive Ok.

Turn on your handset cellphone. Enable is wholly electric power up.

The Sync voice will say, “Force Ok to start pairing a product.” Force Ok.

The Sync system will show a six-digit PIN, on most telephones this is what you will use. On Android-dependent telephones, go to Stage 4.

3. Pairing the Iphone and most telephones.

Go to your phone’s “Method Configurations” (typically in the App with the gears, or in the “Toolbox” or “Connectivity” folder.)

Turn on Bluetooth (if it really is not currently on).

Go to the Reliable Units/Include Product area.

If you do not see a “Sync” tab, then pus “Scan for Units.”

When you see a tab that states “Sync” then tap that, a secondary display seems. Enter the six-digit PIN shown on the vehicle’s console. On some newer designs, the Sync system will send a new quantity that matches on currently received on your cellphone. Force Ok, Take or Join on your console and on the cellphone.

4. Pairing the Android-dependent cellphone.

For Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung telephones, for HTC, LG and other Android-dependent telephones, then do this:

When you see the six-digit PIN shown on the console, then use the Tuning Knob (or Up/Down Arrows) to find “Unique PIN,” drive Ok.

“0000” will appear on your console, now go to your phone’s Method Configurations.

Turn on Bluetooth (if it really is not currently on).

Go to the Reliable Units/Include Product area.

If you do not see a “Sync” tab, then drive “Scan for Units.”

When you see a tab that states “Sync,” then tap that. When a secondary display seems and enter the “0000” PIN. On some newer designs, the cellphone will routinely take the “0000” PIN without the need of having to input it.

Force Ok, Take or Join on your console and on the cellphone.

Once your Sync system recognizes your cellphone it will start to question queries these kinds of as “Turn on 911 Help?” Force Ok or Indeed.

5. The Connection Method

After coming into the PIN (as described over), the Sync system will “obtain your cellphone.”

Android-dependent telephones might chirp, or seem an alarm, and you will be a display on your cellphone momentarily.

Be absolutely sure to tap to check out the box that states “Often Join.” Then drive the “pair” button on your cellphone for the MAP access, PBAF access display, or other access protocol screens.

Your console will show queries, these kinds of as “Set as Primary Cellular phone?” Force Ok two times.

Set “911 Help to ON” drive Ok two times.

The Sync system will question if you want to Down load Cellular phone Book, then drive Ok or Indeed.

Through pairing, your Android cellphone might notify you that SYNC desires to access your messages and phonebook. Decide on Often Allow/Join and check out “Indeed”.

On the MyFord Contact system, a single display will appear with the various queries. Tap the display to find and take your alternatives.

After a couple of moments (often up to two or a few minutes) the console display will show “Phonebook Downloaded.”

Then the display might show “Cellular phone Redial.” If so, drive the hold the Cellular phone icon on the steering wheel for about 5 seconds and let go.

The console display should really now be very clear, or defaults back again to the radio or media actively playing on your Audio system.

Now, test to use the steering wheel controls to see if the system is performing properly.


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