Nokia N95 Ideas and Methods

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This tips and tricks portion will be split into two halves 1. Strengthening battery daily life, as any person who owns a N95 will know the battery drains quite promptly. 2. Other tips and tricks that could possibly be useful.

Maximising the Nokia N95 Battery Lifetime.

Now when you 1st get a Nokia N95 out the box, demand it up, then get started to enjoy with it you see that after about an hour of enjoy the battery indicator commences to vanish rather promptly. This appeared odd to me as my previous telephone was a Nokia N73 and the battery lasted for absolutely ages, granted there are some attributes on the N95 that usually are not existing on the N73 this kind of as the Wi-Fi and GPS operation but not sufficient to warrant this kind of a significant battery drain. Right after a great deal taking part in all over with the telephones options and many others I have managed to get my N95’s battery daily life shut to or if not on par with my old N73, however a great deal improved more than the battery daily life when applying the N95 straight out of the box.

Cycle the Battery

The 1st point to do to make improvements to the battery daily life, and the a single which I discovered gave the most effective battery get, is to give the battery a single comprehensive demand/discharge cycle. When 1st using the telephone out of the box make it possible for the battery to demand wholly ahead of unplugging it from the energy adapter. Then do every little thing you can to drain the battery, change on the Bluetooth, change on the Wi-Fi, enjoy audio, no matter what it usually takes to drain the battery. Your goal is to drain the battery to the level wherever it shuts by itself off, even when it shuts by itself off check out and change it on yet again and keep draining the battery. Keep doing this until the telephone will no longer boot. When this happens just take the battery out and hold out a number of seconds. Swap the battery and endeavor to change it on yet again, if it turns on then use it until the telephone shuts off yet again. Now place the N95 again on demand and leave right until the charging cycle is comprehensive. When applying the Nokia N95 now it will appear to be to previous a large amount longer on battery ahead of you get warning messages of reduced battery. I have a theory about how this method seems to enhance battery daily life which might be solely inaccurate, if so and you know why this has this impact then make sure you share your sights by using the forum. I consider that this method does not improve the battery in any way, relatively it serves as a method in which to calibrate the N95 as to how prolonged it can run with the voltage that remains. Without placing the telephone as a result of a comprehensive demand/discharge cycle the N95 has no choice but to refer to its default threshold which might have been set a little bit greater when manufactured.

Switch off your Bluetooth.

The subsequent point to do to enhance battery daily life is to switch the Bluetooth perform to off when not in use. This might sound silly but a large amount of persons ignore that their Bluetooth is on during the working day, this wastes battery energy and could also leave you open to an assault on your telephone by using Bluetooth if still left switched on.

Switch off Wi-Fi Scanning.

Wi-Fi a great deal like Bluetooth wastes battery energy when in idle use. Make certain you change this perform off when not applying it. This then also guards your telephone from an assault by using Wi-Fi.

Switch off 3G scanning if you do not use 3G.

Your Nokia N95 by default is set to periodically lookup for a 3G signal which also contributes to the depletion of the battery, if you do not use 3G then you can change 3G scanning off by likely to menu, instruments, options, telephone, network – improve the network mode environment to ‘GSM’.

The 3 factors previously mentioned will tremendously enhance your battery daily life, if you wanted to enhance the battery daily life continue to more than you can carry out these tasks as follows

Regulate the Display screen Brightness.

The point that the screen on your N95 lights up indicates that it’s wasting electricity, You can minimise the waste by turning down the brightness. Go to menu, instruments, options, common, personalisation, show – improve the light-weight sensor from the default situation to ‘minimum’.

Regulate the Mild Time-Out.

The fewer time that your screen is lit up for, the extra electricity you’re likely to help you save.

You can regulate the light-weight time-out by likely to menu, instruments, options, common, personalisation, show – improve the light-weight time-out accordingly.

Power Saver Time-Out.

You can also regulate the size of time that the telephone waits ahead of likely into energy help you save mode. Obviously the faster the Nokia N95 goes into energy help you save mode, the extra battery energy you’re likely to help you save.

Go to menu, instruments, options, common, personalisation, show – cut down the energy saver time-out selection from sixty seconds to say 30 seconds.

Other Tips and Tricks

Switching Between Silent and Standard.

Did you know that there was a fast way to switch concerning the ‘General’ profile and the ‘Silent’ profile on the Nokia N95? With the keypad open just push and hold the ‘#’ critical.

Lowering the Time Between Graphic Captures.

Does it frustrate you that when you want to just take photographs in rather fast succession you have to hold out for the N95 to show the earlier captured picture ahead of it will enable you progress? Did you know that…

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