ten Good reasons to Invest in an Android Smartphone

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Not only is there a wide variety of cell telephones out there, but there are also a variety of running systems, each of them clamoring for our notice and professing that they’re the greatest. The Apple iphone has been a leading contender as has the Android, each of them heavy hitters in the mobile system know-how bout. But below are 10 causes to go with an Android mobile phone instead than the Apple iphone.

one. Display Dimension

While the Apple iphone only has a solitary screen dimensions alternative of 3.5 inches, there are numerous Android handsets that have a more generous screen. Phones these types of as the Droid X, HTC EVO, Atrix and the Nexus S are terrific for watching videos, enjoying games and viewing entire website pages.

two. Customization

Android enables more customization. Customers can include dwell widgets that present them direct updates on weather conditions and RSS feeds as properly as Twitter and Fb updates. You can also bookmark contacts on the residence screen and dial them with a solitary tap.

3. Digicam

Android telephones emerge victorious when it comes to digicam power. While the Apple iphone can shoot Hd videos, its digicam only has 5 megapixels. Android telephones have 8 megapixels and also shoot in 720p Hd movie.

four. Hd on the Tv set

Numerous Android devices have HDMI ports that make it achievable to observe Hd correct on your Tv set. Likelihood are trim that the Apple iphone will at any time have an additional port apart from the iPod connector, so Apple iphone consumers may possibly under no circumstances have the possibility to stream HDTV on a substantial screen Tv set.

5. A lot more Storage

With detachable SD playing cards to swap and increase storage, Android telephones can now store even more videos, purposes and audio.

six. Swift Processors

Just lately Android telephones have arrive with twin core processors that make general performance speeds on the telephones even quicker than at any time. The only draw back to this is that all of that speed has a tendency to use out the battery instead promptly.

7. 4G Information Speeds

There is certainly a significant wave of potent 4G telephones filling up the current market this 12 months, and which is not which includes the types being produced by T-Cell and Sprint.

8. Much better Multitasking

Numerous consumers have reported that the multitasking capabilities are far top-quality on Android telephones than they are on iPhones.

nine. GPS Maps

A lot of people also use their mobile phone as a GPS, just as a lot of people have reported that the GPS Maps on Android telephones are far top-quality. Android also has 3D Maps, a feature that will show to be considerably more interesting.

ten. Placing Applications as Default

If you will not like the pre-put in website browser on your Android mobile phone, you can very easily established an app as the default. How a lot of apps can you established as the default on the Apple iphone?

So, which mobile phone do you believe is superior?

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