Tips and Tricks to Improve Memory

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Many people find it difficult to recall events that happened during their day. They describe it as a “blur” or how the day “went by so fast”. This is nothing more than a less than stellar memory that can be tweaked very easily.

Mnemonics are very effective tool used by the imagination to store large amounts of information. Not only can information be stored in large quantities, but it is stored efficiently and very quickly. The more one practices effective methods to improve their memory, the more of a reverberating, wave like it has in the long run.

I would like to describe 3 techniques which you can start putting to practice right now to dramatically improve your memory:

1. The Chain Method: This method uses visualization, mixed with association. The brain can only make connections through the association of 2 or more images. They do not have to be related, just attached somehow as pictures.So let’s take 5 words: horse, basketball, tennis racket, pizza and soccer ball. In your mind create the image of a “horse” make this horse 3D, colorful and large. These 3 qualities are required to effectively use your imagination.

Now take this horse, and add see a “basketball” attached to it. Either horizontally or vertically or penetrating through the horse.

The basketball is large, 3D and bright orange. See the basketball attached horizontally to the horse. It takes 3 seconds for the brain to make a connection so hold this image in your mind for at least 3 seconds. Now, get rid of the picture of the horse in your mind, and you are left with the Basketball.

Now, a “tennis racket” will appear beside the basketball. Let’s say the tennis racket is shiny silver, with white strings. Imagine the racket and the basketball connected horizontally to the basketball. Hold the image for at least 3 seconds.

Now get rid of the basketball. Now, on top of the racket, a large pepperoni pizza appears. See a big, 3D, colorful picture of this picture in your minds eye. Now hold the image of the pizza and the racket for 3 seconds and get rid of the tennis racket. Now a soccer ball will appear penetrating through the pizza. In your minds eye see a large, colorful “black and white” 3D soccer ball coming out through the center of the pizza. Hold this image for 3 seconds and get rid of the basketball.

Repeat this exercise 1 time and you will have successfully practiced the first method.

2. Another technique is using anchor images in a fixed location. For example, take your living room. Let’s try to memorize 10 words; telephone, watch, muffin, golf ball, monkey, toothpaste, tv, t-shirt, camel, necklace.

Now take 10 support images located in your living room. For example, in my living room I will use my: couch, coffee table, floor mat, lamp, window, sofa, TV stand, light switch, wall, ceiling fan.

Now in CLOCKWISE direction start with the first support image in your living room: In my case, the window (place the telephone on the window) 2nd support image: couch (place a watch on the couch) 3rd support image: coffee table (place a muffin on the coffee table) 4th support image: floor mat (place a golf ball on the coffee table) 5th support image: lamp (place a monkey on the lamp) 6th support image: ceiling fan (place a tube of toothpaste on the ceiling fan) 7th support image: TV stand (place a TV on the TV stand) 8th support image: light switch (place a t-shirt on the light switch) 9th support image: wall (place a camel on the wall) and lastly 10th support image: floor mat (place a necklace on the floor mat)

Now in your imagination walk around your living room seeing the support images. Start with the first one, and see the first image on there. move in a clockwise direction and see the respective objects.

These are 2 very effective techniques. If you practice these regularly, you will start seeing significant results in a VERY quick time.

If you are serious about developing a powerful memory or are looking for ways to improve it, I strongly suggest enrolling in a memory training course. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself because it effects your mental ability to perform everyday!

Check out the PMEMORY course. This is the most comprehensive online memory training course out there and you will see unbelievable improvements in your cognitive abilities!

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