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My spouse and I have a tendency to be extremely practical people today, even in our present supplying. 1 calendar year, we gave our loved ones customers that didn’t already have one a vacuum food sealer. I have applied one for 24 yrs and could not do with out one. I guess that I have applied one for so extensive that I forgot about the “learning curve” for making use of one of these great appliances. My mobile phone line was burning up with queries. So, in this article goes – a handful of tips to making use of a vacuum food sealer.

Employing Baggage

one. Use the rolls as an alternative of the pre-slash luggage. You can slash them to any length you have to have.

two. Wrap all the things in plastic wrap. That way you can reuse the bag with out washing it. That indicates cheese, bacon, very hot puppies, etcetera.

three. Make the luggage about 2 times as extensive as you have to have them to be. That way, as you use partial parts of your item, you have home to reseal the bag a number of occasions.

four. Pre-freeze all meats in plastic wrap (See # two), then vacuum seal. Make the parts no matter what measurement you have to have, but bear in mind, the more compact the measurement, the faster it will defrost.

five. Spend interest to meat with sharp bones. I went by means of three luggage one time for the reason that I didn’t observe that a bone was punching a gap in my bag. I put a plastic wrap “patch” around it. Just make a compact square of a number of layers of folded up plastic and put it on top of the sharp area ahead of you wrap it in the plastic wrap – that normally does the trick.

6. If you are freezing objects with liquids, these as soup or cooked greens with liquid, freeze them very first. You can use a zip lock bag, freeze it, then vacuum seal. This could seem a little bit wasteful, but everything retains for a longer time vacuum sealed. An additional tip for freezing liquids. When you put your zip lock bag in the freezer, make layers making use of slash up cardboard involving the packs. That way, they freeze flat, like an envelope and you should not stick collectively. You can make your vacuum seal bag massive enough to keep a number of deals (See # three). You can also use freezer containers, but you may have to have to acquire the item out of the container to vacuum seal it.

seven. Pre-freeze objects like cookie dough and pizza crust dough in rolls in plastic wrap, then vacuum seal them. When you might be all set to use them, acquire out the amount you have to have and put them in the refrigerator the working day ahead of you have to have them and they’re all set to go. You can make a number of batches at one time to help save time and cleanup.

Employing Canning Jars

one. Most of the vacuum sealers arrive with an attachment that will seal huge mouth canning jars. I use this to seal dried beans, rice, pasta, baking provides, snacks, floor coffee, tea luggage. The record is limitless.

two. Make positive that the lids you use have in no way been processed in a canning process or they would not seal appropriately. Just try to hold them in an additional area of your kitchen so you you should not mix them in with the other types. The seal will previous for a extensive time, but if you have to have new types, you can pick them up at the grocery keep in the canning portion. All you have to have is the flat section. In no way use the screw top section with this, it isn’t really necessary and could crack the seal.

three. Periodically wipe the attachment that goes on top of the jar with a damp paper towel since often, you could have a slight construct up of powdery substances, like flour.

four. You can use jars to freeze liquid objects like soups and stews if you have home in your freezer, but this will acquire up a reasonable volume of room.


one. Most of the suppliers give canisters in several distinctive capacities with their units. I am not positive if they are interchangeable or not. I would just be on the protected facet and use types that my device gives.

two. Canisters can be applied for any dry items these as cereals, grits, oatmeal, potato chips, snacks, bread crumbs, baking staples like flour, baking soda, sugar, etcetera. In other text – everything that you you should not want crushed and everything that you would generally put in a canister.

three. I use them for clean greens and fruits. I wash the objects, dry them and vacuum seal them for refrigeration. The tall canisters are tremendous for green leaf lettuce and celery. I will make a massive salad, vacuum seal it and it will hold for at minimum a week in the refrigerator. 1 prep and one cleanup – Sweet.

four. Use them for vacuum sealing deli meat. They operate a good deal far better than the luggage for this purpose.

five. When vacuum sealing flour or everything finely floor, put a paper towel or paper coffee filter on the top soon after you have poured it into the canister to prevent any of the dust from acquiring sucked into the tubing.

6. Most suppliers give a container to marinate meat. It is normally rectangular. It is great, but to be truthful, any of the canisters that will keep the volume you have to have will operate just as properly. Just make positive you have enough of the marinade to protect your meat.

Perfectly, these are just a handful of pointers off the top of my head. It ain’t rocket science, but adhering to a handful of regulations makes the learning curve a good deal less difficult. Vacuum sealers seriously are a great way to help save revenue and slash again on waste. There is no telling how much revenue I have saved since I have been making use of…

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