X Box 360 – Results in, Tips, and Fixes For the Crimson Ring of Death

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X-Box 360 – Reasons and Solutions for the Crimson Ring of Death

(also known as the “3 Rings of Death”, “Ring of Death”)

The Rationale:

The Crimson Ring of Death takes place due to the fact of overheating. The Xbox 360 designers determined to put in the bare bare minimum of needed cooling tools in purchase to create a slender and gentle console. So in a nutshell, with all the graphics processing electric power the 360 has, it simply just has not sufficient heatsinks and fans to hold the parts amazing sufficient.

What Are The Odds Of Your X-Box Getting Impacted By The Ring Of Death?

It is typically acknowledged that the failure charge is about 33% of all consoles. Lately though, newer versions have been brought out and it is considered that the failure charge on these versions is about sixteen%. It may well be that all consoles are specifically the identical and you just get fortunate (or unlucky!), or maybe the way it gets utilised has an effect as it could be that additional processor intense game titles may well warmth the console additional swiftly.

How To Attempt To Avert It:

  • Ensure that your X-Box receives sufficient airflow about it and that it is in no way put on a carpet.
  • Maintain your console considerably absent from warmth sources these types of as heaters.
  • Do not hold your electric power brick on the ground.
  • If you come to feel that it is finding pretty very hot through use, consider using further fans or other cooling equipment offered on the market.

What To Do If You Get The Crimson Ring Of Death:

  • Microsoft have extended their guarantee to 3 decades, so your initial solution is to send it there. You will be without your X-Box for in between 4 – eight months, and will possibly not get back the identical console you despatched in.
  • If you are not in the guarantee period, or will not want to send it to Microsoft there is the solution of fixing it your self. There are numerous video clips and guidelines on the internet on how to do this, but beware as some of them can do additional harm than excellent.

Several web pages advocate wrapping the console in a towel. This can evidently perform for a when due to the fact the it re-melts the disconnected soldered joints and there is a probability that the soldered material rejoins once again. Finally the soldered joints will turn out to be brittle and split once again. This method is not recommended as finding the console this very hot will possibly provide about other troubles, and is a short-term option anyway!

There are other web pages that give guidelines on how to resolder the joints. This is also anything I wouldn’t advise! The X-Box was soldered using industrial grade equipment that expenses hundreds of dollars. They also knew what they were being carrying out when they did it.

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